Vixen 21 SE

Vixen October 1, 2012 0

We owned the Vixen for 4 years. Great touring motorhome. You can go anywhere a suburban can go. Great owners association support and parts are no problem getting. Good for a couple and a small dog. Olympia WA Read more
I purchased my Vixen in Iowa 15 years ago. I was living in rural Minnesota at the time and working for the Telephone Co. The first two years I had it I drove it like a car, to work, and on week ends . I put over 35,000 miles... Read more


Vixen October 1, 2012 1

Wow! I just bought my 89 Vixen a week ago and just returned from a 1200 mile Journey from Jackson Hole, WY to Denver. This ride is amazing! I cruised 1-80 doing 85mph like it was nothing. So quiet and smooth! The Cadillac suspension is amazing! Great power up... Read more

Easy Driving!

Vixen October 1, 2012 0

Our Vixen motorhome has been restored and is a pleasure to travel in it. We full-timed in a large 5th wheel for three years but got tired of not being able to go where we want and having to watch for places to dine with large parking lots. With... Read more