motor home

Vogue October 17, 2014 3

My wife and I just got this great motor home, our kids love it, it is the best motor home for the money, we got 10,5,3 year old kids and we planing to go this christmas to south padre island, but I broke one of the tail lights, can... Read more

A Real Coach

Vogue November 6, 2012 0

This is my second coach in 2 years and it just might be my last. The cabinets are better than I have found in coaches costing well into the price range I cannot afford. The leather is still great which is saying something for the time period which it... Read more

Rides Like a Cad

Vogue November 6, 2012 1

Like anything of value, it requires TLC. Read more

Worth the Wait

Vogue November 6, 2012 1

I researched different MH models for over a year before purchasing our first one – a Vogue. Our budget was less than 50k, so there is lots of junk to look at. Our Vogue is truly a high quaility coach with solid walnut cabinetry. You would be hard pressed... Read more

Still On the Road

Vogue November 6, 2012 1

I bought my Vogue about 6 years ago and was told then that it was considered one of the top motorhomes of the day, in 74. I knew the original buyers and traveled and camped in it, when it was still like new. Vogue still had a blue book... Read more

Fun Machine

Vogue November 6, 2012 0

I just purchased this MH. I am looking for someone who knows more about some of the features. I have an owners manual but it does not explain some of the features. Read more

Classic Land Yacht

Vogue November 6, 2012 0

The Vogue has a level of cabinetry that is second to none. Mine is solid rosewood, with excellent fit and finish. Everything is first class, with dual air, furnaces, built-in blender and nice touches throughout. The interior reminds me a lot of a classic mahogony Chris-Craft. They really don’t... Read more
This is a review for the Vogue V , a high line diesel, bus style,body that was near the end of the Vogue line. The plant near Pryor, Okla. is now closed. I traded a 98 Endeavor H.Rambler for the 96 Vogue. I paid more for the Vogue 9... Read more

Time Machine

Vogue November 6, 2012 0

Used for five years then stored in an insulated garage on a ranch this Diamond is almost new. It was like stepping back into the 1970’s. A wet Bar with built in 20 inch color television, and ice maker sits right behind the passenger captains chair. which is right... Read more

Fun To Drive

Vogue November 6, 2012 0

I have had our Vogue for about a year now,and its still as appealing to me as the first day I saw it.Everything works and thats a plus when its your home!The stained glass and workmanship always get compliments.I have had Gulfstream and Country coach `31 footers but I... Read more