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Tire Pressure Monitoring

Posted July 7, 2012 by admin in Articles

Truck System Technologies Inc. is proud to offer two reliable, affordable, industrial-strength tire pressure monitoring systems for your truck or RV. Our systems exceed expectations both in accuracy and range of protection. Monitoring up to two football fields, the 510 and 507 systems not only provide continual surveillance of tire pressure and temperature: they also notify drivers immediately if a tire is losing pressure, if its pressure is rising to a dangerously high level, or if it is experiencing a rapid leak, before these unexpected hazards lead to accidents and costly repairs.

Our systems are easy to install and operate, while providing maximum benefits. Unlike other systems, ours monitor while a vehicle is stationary and come with an industry-leading warranty. Each system also comes equipped with specially-designed installation tools for anti-theft security and flexible mounting and power supply options.

In addition to these features, temperature monitoring is a unique element of our systems. While PSI is a leading cause of RV damage, tire pressure is directly related to temperature variance. This highlight of our monitoring systems will alert you to unsuspected mechanical problems, such as defectively manufactured tires or an impending fire risk due to break caliper issues. Needless to say, this distinctive feature will provide an up-to-the-minute alert of potentially devastating damages, offering reassurance that your tires are running at a safe temperature.

Both of our systems’ durability is unparalleled. The 510, continually our most popular choice, takes advantage of military-grade, 5-7 year lithium-ion batteries to power our tire sensors. The 507 sensors are powered by cutting-edge technology, allowing RVers the advantages of user-replaceable, CR1632 batteries. Tailoring our systems to each driver’s needs and preferences is the goal behind the two designs; these comparable pressure monitoring systems can be programmed to monitor as few as 2 or as many as 22 tires.

In addition to the trustworthiness and technologically advanced design of each system, our technical support is friendly and dependable. Whether you’re new to RVing, a full-timer, or a driver who simply desires the peace of mind of continuous tire pressure monitoring, our customer service is always glad to assist you and aims to make certain that you are fully satisfied with our product and service.

At Truck System Technologies, we provide individually-customizable options for your tire pressure monitoring needs. We greatly appreciate each customer and understand the comfort of knowing your family and friends are supported for secure and enjoyable travels.